“Don’t Be a Social Media Moron” Video Series

No Comments 17 April 2012

Last week while I was in Arizona I filmed a vlog titled “Don’t Be a Social Media Moron,” which was filled with good stuff, but it was a bit… packed. With info. And fast talking. And all of that rambling that I do when I’m enthusiastic. So, I did another three videos breaking down the “Don’t Be a Social Media Moron” overview vlog.

These three videos take everything a bit more step-by-step, and are far more intelligible. BUT (there’s always a but) with traveling my vlogging quality got even more compromised and the sound is really, really low. So turn up your speakers and listen up – I’m about to show you how not to be a social media moron.


The Overview

#1 – Finding the Right Platform for You

#2 – Reaching Your Readers vs. Industry Professionals

#3 – Social Media Analytics and Strategies


Need more?




An Unexpected Strategy to Expand Your Online Presence

4 Comments 05 April 2012

Want new content, connections, and fresh traffic? Then listen up, shriners. And, tip for winners: be sure to wait until the end where I give my bonus tip… i.e. the thing I had to learn the hard way!


Videos: How to Attract Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

No Comments 02 April 2012

For those of you who have been able to tune me out all weekend, it might be news to you that I’ve joined the 30 Day Vlog Challenge with Tim King and a bunch of other bloggers. It’s a really cool challenge and is forcing me to explore videos more than ever before. It’s also forcing me to post when I’m not necessarily ready, as evident in the videos to follow. In order to make Tim’s 10 am deadline, I had to post Part 1 on Sunday morning when I was NOT ready to be awake, and it’s a very graphic way to see the puffy-and-fatigue-making effects of too much alcohol and not enough sleep. The next video (part 2) was done at night when I was sufficiently caffeinated and no longer in a stupor. As a result, the part 2 video is much better and if you’re limited on time I would just watch that one. Plus, I learned how to add captions, so that’s awesome. Part one has some good tips too, though, and will also make you feel good about yourself since you’ll see what a disaster I am when I’m sleep deprived on a Sunday morning. Either way hopefully these will help give you guys some new tips to get readers coming to your blog :) Continue Reading


How Can Multimedia Help You Online?

No Comments 30 March 2012

So today I’m excited to announce the beginning of the 30 Day Vlogging Challenge. As a participant, I’ll be making a short video each day for the next thirty days. I’m going to rotate days posting them here and on MsMorphosis, so at the end the goal will be to have 15 videos on each website.

Here’s the first one! If you want to join me in the challenge, check out Tim’s site dedicated to it – he’s the ringleader of this whole operation: 30 Day Vlog Challenge

Vlog Challenge Button



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