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Interview with Kate Northrup

No Comments 04 February 2012

I have no words to express how stoked I’ve been over the last few weeks to post this interview.

Who is Kate?

I first discovered Kate because she happens to be the daughter of one of my lifelong idols, the renown women’s health expert and New York Times Best-Selling health and wellness author Dr. Christiane Northrup. Kate is an equally inspiring and fearless thinking woman who has made a life out of the art of growth and living well. Her eclectic resume spans from writing on Owning PinkCrazySexyLife, and her own site KateNorthrup.com, to being a yoga teacher that has studied with Rodney Yee, hosting an inspiring online talk show titled “Glimpse TV,” graduating from Brown University (as well as Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts!), and now becoming a Hay House speaker and author. Needless to say, Kate has really maximized the freedoms and opportunities available for all women (and men!) today. In the last year, Kate has made some major life overhauls, including most recently embarking on a  country-wide “Freedom Tour,” geared towards helping people find freedom emotionally, financially, and spiritually, and falling in love (whoo hoo!). Currently, she’s busy writing a book to be released by Hay House publishing in 2013 focused on money – and our relationship with our finances – as a road to emotional and spiritual wellness. Continue Reading


Jen, MsMorphosis herself, writes with a wisdom that belies her age (astoundingly only 25) and speaks from a place that seems like you’re listening to your big sister, or a dear friend that you’ve never met. For me, the connection was instant, and the material has always been almost so personally intertwined and touching that I feel like the singer-story-teller in the song, ‘Killing Me Softly.’ — Sheanna Caban