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Interview with Photographer Tim King

6 Comments 06 March 2012

Tim King is a San Diego event photographer who makes more money than anyone else I know traveling and having more fun than anyone else I know. In a world where instagram and Pinterest have made everyone and their mother a photographer, Tim has managed to create a product so high quality that it’s unequivocally set apart from its competitors. Last week we met up over coffee while Tim was back in town (we’re old friends from high school and I still live here in Colorado) and caught up about his thriving business. Oh, and did I mention he’s built it largely through his blog and social media?

**Note: all of the images in this post were stolen from Tim’s blog. To see them in their original context and see other related photos, just click on them or visit TimKingBlog.com

Tim King Photography

Jen: The point of this blog series is to demonstrate how the internet and travel have enabled a whole new way of living on your own terms that wouldn’t have been possible 50 years ago. I want to prove that blogging isn’t just for nerds (although some of us do embrace our inner nerd), but that it can serve a much bigger purpose and enable a really amazing lifestyle. So, with that in mind, how did you get started with all of this? Continue Reading


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