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10 Amazing Podcasts for Bloggers (and Everyone Else)

8 Comments 03 May 2012

Podcasts and Workaholics

One trick I’ve been using as I get busier and busier is maximizing car, travel, cooking, and cleaning time. These “passive moments” are a great opportunity to be – you got it – learning. Technology is moving quickly and there is more going on in the universe than you will ever have time to begin to understand, so if you’re leaving learning to the kids in classrooms you’re just getting left behind.

In this list, I’ve included my favorites (which are mostly related to blogging and internet marketing) as well as the favorites of some of my friends, each of whom have a wide range of interests.

Why include podcasts related to things other than blogging?

Because blogging and internet marketing is just a tool to spread ideas, products, and services – to have ideas, products, and services you have to know things.

It’s like painting – you can study painting itself (the tool) but then you have to explore the world – beautiful things, light, other people, etc. if you’re going to have anything to paint.

Now, your assignment is to get them all on iTunes, and once a week or so fill up some blank cds with new episodes. Put them in your car, kitchen, and bedroom and – voila – you never have to have downtime again! (Just kidding. Sort of.)


Copyblogger Radio - Podcasts for Bloggers

1. Copyblogger Radio 

This gets to be number one because it’s, well, my favorite. Brian Clarks’ famous Copyblogger website is just as great on air. If you care about internet marketing, blogging, content creation, or having an internet presence – for the love of God, follow Copyblogger Radio. They interview Chris Brogan about his best advice for growing a website. They talk to Sonia Simone about affiliate marketing. They talk to legendary copywriter John Carlton. I’ve listened to every episode. That’s all I’m going to say about that.



Jay Baer convince and convert - Podcasts for Bloggers

2. Jay Baer’s Social Pros Podcast

I love this podcast. They focus on Jay’s specialty, social media, and profile how different companies are using social media to grow their business. I love sitting back and absorbing the case studies, figuring out how I can apply the various lessons and strategies to enhance my own web presence. Jay is really lovable, and one of my favorite people to listen to. He has an incredibly knowledgeable, yet humble, way about him – and I’m always in a better mood after listening to him.

3. NPR Podcasts

You bring up podcasts and everyone brings up the same thing: NPR. If that isn’t social proof, I don’t know what is. But I’m not complaining – they’ve definitely earned the podcast crown. My artist mom and my web-developer, heavy metal loving boyfriend both listen to NPR podcasts all day. They really do have something for everyone. So, when you’re stuck without anything to write about, or just want to learn things and keep your brain alive, this is a great place to go.


Making it with Riki Lindhome

4. The Nerdist – Making it with Riki Lindhome

Well, isn’t this just brilliant? Riki interviews people who have “made it” – comedians, actresses, writers about what it means to make it and how they got there. It’s a beautiful thing for the starving artist in all of us, and knowing that deep down, we all just want to make it.


The Nerdist - JV Club

5. The Nerdist – JV Club

This might be the MsMorphosis in me, but this is just brilliant. In this series, Janet Varnet interviews women who have done things with their lives. One of my favorite parts has to be the nerdy versus beautiful pictures featured on each podcast. You should see my worst picture next to my best picture. They aren’t the same people. Except they are, weirdly.



Best Blogging Podcasts

6. Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel, president of award-winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency Twist Image, gives fantastic digital marketing strategies in these podcasts (of which there are many). Joel’s works frequently with big brands like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, and Unilever, and has shared the stage with has shared the stage with former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Dr. Phil. He has a regular column, Media Hacker, on the Huffington Post, and his first book Six Pixels of Separation is a business and marketing bestseller. So, if you’re looking from someone to learn from, this could be a very good place to start.


Marketing Over Coffee - Podcasts for Bloggers

7. Marketing Over Coffee

In this podcast, hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn actually record the show in a local coffee shop and publish the show every Thursday morning. They’ve interviewed big names like David Meerman Scott, Seth Godin, and Simon Sinek. They cover topics ranging from the technological to the traditional – social media, SEO, e-mail marketing, copywriting,  and traditional (offline) marketing. Chris Brogan called it “by FAR the best podcast on marketing that I consume in a given day. Fast, to the point, and packed with information that’s useful to me, and yet delivered in a conversational tone that makes it easier to consume and less ‘newsy.’ I’ve put elements of their podcast to work for me over the last few months and have seen results right away.”



How Was Your Week? - Podcasts for Bloggers

8. How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

I’d never heard of this one until I put out my inquiries to friends and family to tell me their favorite podcasts for the purpose of this article, and this was one that my very smart friend, poet/novelist Nick Anderson, really recommends (and I think looks just amazing). Since I don’t want to talk out of my ass about something I haven’t listened to (but am putting on cds to put in my car as we speak, so I WILL be listening to it!) here’s how Nick describes it: “How Was Your Week is a podcast in which the cynical Julie Klausner rants about pop culture over the music of Ted Leo, interviews interesting people, and discusses photos of animals that her fans send her.” Brilliant.


Shop Talk - podcasts for bloggers

9. Shop Talk Podcast

Hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, this live web design and development podcast about front end web design, development, and UX. Chris Coyier is the founder of CSS-Tricks, a blog about front end development, and works at SurveyMonkey, which I love both because of their name and their service, and Dave Rupert is the lead developer at Paravel, a small front end web shop in Austin, Texas.  This show is undoubtedly a great resource for anyone looking to expand and sharpen their technical skills.



Tropical MBA - Podcasts for Bloggers

10. Tropical MBA

This one was recommended by this week’s interviewee, David Krug. I wasn’t surprised to hear that this is “the only podcast he listens to,” because it’s very in line with his work/life philosophy. This top-rated iTunes podcast is all about growing a start-up from your laptop while you explore the world. If the location-independent entrepreneurial path is exciting to you, this is a fantastic resource to help.


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