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Interview with “Loading Artist” Web Comic

1 Comment 20 February 2012

This morning’s interview is with Gregor Czaykowski, author of the hit online comic Loading Artist.

I don’t normally follow comics, but Chase does. One day while I was freaking out about my blogging career Chase told me about the Loading Artist, where there was a hilarious little sequence of strips about deciding to start a comic and suddenly realizing all of the competition and feeling confused/like a failure/freaking out. See: “Dreams,” “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake” and my still all-time favorite “Webcomics.” It made me laugh and feel so much better. To this day, I still follow him as faithfully as I would follow any of my favorite blogs, and I’m so excited to see how quickly he’s growing. Yes, there’s a lot of competition, but even on the internet it’s true that the creme always rises.

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