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Interviews with Big Bloggers

Interview with Social Media Expert and Serial Entrepreneur Christine McDannell

No Comments 06 May 2012


During the course of the thirty day video challenge, which I recently completed, I met some amazing people who spend a lot of their time growing their businesses online. Of these amazing people, one really amazing person really stood out to me – Christine McDannell.

Christine is a female entrepreneur and social media expert who owns the San Diego social media consulting firm Social Starfish, and from her habits (running and goal setting in the shower) to her powerful business presence, I knew she was a perfect match for the Blogging Fearlessly interview series.

Here, we talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to be productive, and using social media to grow your local or global business online. Enjoy!


Interviews with Big Bloggers

Interview with “Life After College” Author Jenny Blake

No Comments 23 April 2012

If there’s one person that understands the Blogging Fearlessly movement, it’s Jenny Blake. Here on Blogging Fearlessly, we want you to think for yourself about your life – where you invest your precious time, energy, and skills – and how you can creatively construct a job that you can be proud of for a life that you can be proud of. Jenny wrote the book Life After College, and has been featured on Forbes.com, US News & World Report, and CNN.com. She currently spends her time blogging, coaching, speaking, and being a yogi (she’s a girl after my own heart!).

Now, I’m so proud to present to you the beautiful Jenny Blake. If she doesn’t inspire you to get online and find your passions, then I just have no words for you.

1. How would you describe your career?

I’m excited to describe myself now as a solopreneur — a woman of many interests! My career is based around my blog, LifeAfterCollege.org, and incorporates coaching, speaking, online courses and now even teaching yoga. Continue Reading

Interviews with Big Bloggers

Interview with “Becoming a Better Woman” Creator Amy Harman

2 Comments 16 April 2012

I am so excited to present today’s interview with Amy Harman of Becoming a Better Woman.

Amy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has experience treating individuals, couples, and families for issues ranging from teenage substance abuse, depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma, to (the all-too familiar topic of) eating disorders. As a psychology-grad (and enthusiast) who also blogs about female self-improvement and self-understanding, I have an enormous amount of respect for Amy’s work.

Becoming a Better Woman has inspired a lot of posts on MsMorphosis, and I am constantly inspired by her insightful, loving, informative approach to dealing with issues that impact modern women. From her Stories of Strength series, to her powerful posts on the objectification and sexualization of women in society and the media, to dealing with relationship and body issues, Becoming a Better Woman is a phenomenal resource and refuge for anyone that has ever struggled with their body, their relationships, and the pressures of life today.

In this interview I was so excited to pick Amy’s brain about body image, blogging, and how it all changes once you become a mother.

Continue Reading

How to Blog

The Fear of Starting a New Blog

2 Comments 12 April 2012

When I presented the challenge to my girlfriend, Meghan, of starting her own blogs (one personal and one professional) she jumped at the challenge. Her personal blog, Time for Renewal, is up and running, and I’m consistently shocked at what a hilarious and gifted writer she is. This is the perfect example of “how dare you to have been depriving us of this for so long!?!” 

Well, on Time for Renewal, she finally wrote a post about how nervous she is about the launch of her second (professional) site which deals with much more serious topics. When I read how beautifully she expressed how scary it is starting a new site, especially about topics that we really revere and, well, don’t want to mess up, I begged her to let me re-publish the post here on Blogging Fearlessly. She agreed, so, here it is. Continue Reading

Interviews with Big Bloggers

Interview with Floliving Founder & Holistic Health Counselor Alisa Vitti

2 Comments 02 April 2012

I first discovered Alisa Vitti, HHC, AADP (Holistic Counselor, American Association on Drugless Practitioners) from her amazing Ted Talk “Loving Your Lady Parts as a Path to Success, Power, & Global Change.” I was having a particularly “hormonal” night, and her honesty and kindness brought me to tears and brought back my spirit. My writer’s block ended, and that night I wrote the post Is PMS Real or Imagined? The Short Guide to the Monthly Crash. Her work does what great people do: it inspires us, energizes us, and makes us feel understood enough to open up.

Alisa founded Laughing Sage Wellness Center, now Flo Living, 9 years ago, after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which she was able to heal herself through diet and lifestyle changes. She has received degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Today, she focuses on reproductive and hormonal health and creating real intimacy in relationships (MsMorphosis fans – does she sound like my soulmate, or what?). Continue Reading

Improve Your Life

Do Something With Your Life – You Unique, Shiny, Lazy-Ass Snowflake

9 Comments 07 March 2012

Americans are big believers in individualism. You, my friend, are one unique-ass shiny snowflake. There never has, nor will there ever be, anyone like you. You can wave your unique pride flag high in the air and seek comfort in that. Seriously. And the truth is, for the most part, most of us believe it. We sing in the shower with belting pride, even though our mom may or may not have dropped the hint once or twice in our childhood that when we sing it sounds like a cat stuck in a bag being thrown up against a wall. That doesn’t faze us. We’re still astounded when “he never calls again” because we are a one-in-a-million catch and he’s a downright moron for passing up the chance of a lifetime to have the pleasure of our company. Further, how about that economy? How can there be no jobs? How can there be no jobs for a unique, brilliant, shiny little snowflake like myself? I deserve 6 figures! I went to college! I want benefits and paid vacations and disposable income!

But then, you talk to someone about starting a blog, and it’s a whole new ballgame. Suddenly, they start to crack. They’re into it for about 10 minutes. Anyone I’ve ever talked to about starting a blog has been someone that I talk to, in life or online, and I only talk to people that I find interesting. I know people that are sensitive, people that are charming, people that are downright hilarious, and people that know more about politics in their left eyelash than I’ve known in my entire lifetime.

So, I encourage these people to start a blog. I would love to be able to chuckle to the hilarious ones in the morning while I check my google reader. I would love to learn a thing or two about politics from my worldly friends. I know these people are amazing, so I think they should get out there and be a part of a worldwide conversation. I want them to get off their butts and be the amazing unique individuals that they are with me, slap it on a WordPress blog, and share it with the damn world.

For about 10 minutes, they’re into this. They know what I’m talking about (since they are hilarious and worldly and they know it) but then, then the fear starts to set in. “Ehhhh, what if I’m not a good writer?” “I don’t really have anything to say.” “What if I suck and am embarrassed?”

What just happened!?! I thought you were the unique shiny snowflake that demands euphoria! I thought you were the up-and-coming Julia Roberts! I thought you were Elle Macpherson’s doppleganger with a voice like a thousand singing angels?? What happened to all that confidence??

And there’s that damn ego again. It’s that same ego that makes you think you’re one in a million that makes you terrified of anyone thinking a single mean thought about you. Unfortunately, I don’t know if you’re one in a million. I don’t even know if you’re one in all of Arkansas. But I do know that that doesn’t mean you aren’t incredibly spectacular with something great to share with the world.

So here’s my message for you and your excuses-filled brain:

1. Get over the fact that people might say mean things about you.

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

People say mean things about me all the time. They don’t tell me all the time, but I know they’re saying it. I know people snicker about me behind my back, and I’m sure I’ve been made fun of before. Maybe many times before. But guess what? I choose to not care. I can either recede into a hole so that no one has a mean thing to say about me, or I can live and be myself and tell my one-in-a-million heart and passion and energy that anything mean they say  they are saying because they’re jealous, because I’m happy. And I know who I am. And I’m not afraid to be who I am. And I’m lucky for that. And you know what? I don’t have any time to make fun of them, because I’m too busy having fun and being myself and enjoying my one little life on this earth. So there, problem solved, stop stressing.

2. Get over the fact that you will never be “the best.”

As my favorite person in the world Ellen Degeneres once tweeted (I can’t find the exact tweet, but you get the gist) – whenever you find something that you’re good at, just know a 10 year old in China can do it better than you.

Totally true.

But it isn’t about being the best. I can sell my marketing, blogging, and copywriting skills because I spend more time working on these things in a month than most people will spend in their entire lives. So guess what? They can either take a couple months off work and learn the things I know, or they can pay me to do it for them and get back to their business, lives, and particular realms of expertise. Similarly, you have insights and experiences that other people don’t have. You don’t have to be the best in the world, but if you know more about cooking than I do, I’d sure as hell love some good dinner recipes. I don’t want you to be a 5 star chef because I won’t be able to keep up -  I just want someone a little better than me that can help take my cooking to the next level. If you’re REALLY good at cooking, then screw helping me and make a site targeted to other advanced cooks. Whatever you level is, there will be a market looking to learn from you. If you spend more time cooking in a month then I’ll spend in my whole life, you better bet I’ll buy a cookbook from you, because I’m sure it rocks. You have skills in something, so help a sister out and share them.

3. Get over the fact that you “have nothing to say”

First of all, if you legitimately have nothing to say then you need to be first person to start a blog. You need to have some motivation and incentive to get off your butt and find some things that you’re passionate about and can talk about and contribute to the world. If you literally have nothing to say, you must be the world’s most boring person. If I am ever stuck at a dinner party trying to make conversation with you, I will probably say I’m going to the bathroom and sneak into the kitchen to take shots. Then, I will probably puke on you at dinner. So, long story short, read some books, cook some meals, have some adventures, and find SOMETHING worth talking about, or there’s a good chance I will puke on you  at dinner one day.

That said, if you do have enough to talk about to make it through a dinner party, then just figure out what it is you could talk about in writing, on the internet. Take some pictures of meals you make and rate different recipes. Put up anonymous conversations you have with weird coworkers. Share tips on poker. Tell us about coping with married life. Share. Because sharing encourages you to learn more, allows you to attract like-minded people, and forces you to articulate the things that you are used to just drunkenly blabbing about when no one else is really in the mood to listen. This way, you can start soberly blabbing to people that care, and it will help you grow. It’s a beautiful thing.


So, long story short, start a blog. If you’re short on time, then do your day job and spend the money to have someone like me build it for you. Either way, it’s an important hobby to have, that hobby of being an interesting human being that contributes something to the world. It’s important to learn how to have the confidence to put yourself out there, and the humility to not take it all too seriously. You are a unique shiny snowflake, now go kick some ass.


Jen, MsMorphosis herself, writes with a wisdom that belies her age (astoundingly only 25) and speaks from a place that seems like you’re listening to your big sister, or a dear friend that you’ve never met. For me, the connection was instant, and the material has always been almost so personally intertwined and touching that I feel like the singer-story-teller in the song, ‘Killing Me Softly.’ — Sheanna Caban