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5 Short Videos About How People Make Money Online

1 Comment 10 April 2012

Ever since I started blogging full-time, the most frequent question I get is “how do you make money from that?”

The answer is, it’s really, really complicated. There are lots of tactics and routes that depend on your traffic, the service you’re offering, if you have anything to sell, etc.

So, since I’m part of the 30 Day Vlog challenge and need to be making daily videos anyways, I figured this would be an ideal opportunity to give everyone the brief overview shpeal so that we’re all on the same page.

If making money from your website is interesting to you, I encourage you to be following the interview series here on Blogging Fearlessly and check out the course that I’ll be releasing this summer on discovering your passions and leveraging them to make money and find relationships, Sex, Love, and Blogging.

Part 1: The Basics of Making Money Online


Part 2: Understanding Affiliate Links

Part 3: Understanding Advertising

Part 4: Major Pitfalls of Putting Ads on Your Site

Part 5: So Then Where’s the Money??

Note – in this video there’s this horrible sound like a plane is taking off in my room. The content is good, so please ignore it. It’s my old darn laptop I had to use to travel to Arizona – the fan goes haywire about 3 minutes after the computer turns on. I swear I’m getting a new one soon.

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  1. DC Gallin says:

    This is so cool! Thanks Jen :)

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