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Posted Interviews


The Everywhereist

Geraldine started blogging when, laid off from her copywriting job, she decided to start following her husband (and SEOmoz founder) Rand on his business trips all around the world. Named by Time magazine as one of the best blogs of 2011, Geraldine calls her site a love letter to her husband, and definitely keeps the rest of us inspired, entertained, and itching to travel. (Visit

Interview originally posted on MsMorphosis on January 30th (see here)

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Tiny Buddha Bio

Lori created this fabulously successful site 3 years ago as a way to help individuals “reflect on simple wisdom and [learn] new ways to apply it to our complex lives – complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams and relationships. Over the last three years, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with more than 15 million views to date” ( With posts ranging from happiness and fun, to mindfulness and peace, Lori has created a website and a haven that is priceless in our non-stop, overly-chaotic world.

Interview originally posted on MsMorphosis on February 6th (See here)

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Kate Northrup

Kate pursues the art of growth and living well, and her resume is a huge inspiration to me. From writing on Owning PinkCrazySexyLife, and her own site, to being a yoga teacher that has studied with Rodney Yee, and a woman that has graduated from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Kate has most recently gone on a  country-wide Freedom Tour, geared towards helping people find freedom emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Currently, she’s busy writing a book to be released by Hay House publishing in 2013.

Interview originally posted on MsMorphosis on February 13 (see here)

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Loading Artist webcomic

Chase showed me this webcomic months ago, and it’s first time since I was hooked on Archie around age 9 that I’ve loved and followed a comic. Gregor’s humor is incredibly versatile – both Chase and I love it – it’s dry and internet-humor-y enough for Chase, and non-dry and non-internet-humor-y enough for me to get it. Although there aren’t a ton of comics in his archives, Gregor already has almost 10,000 followers on Facebook. To follow his site, click here.

Originally posted on MsMorphosis on February 20th (see here)

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Corbett Barr

Corbett Barr is, aside from being the first blogger that would talk to me on Twitter, incredibly busy running three highly successful websites, Expert EnoughInsanely Useful Media, and Think Traffic, in addition to his own inspiring blog. He’s the prototypical internet entrepreneur that encourages other people to work insanely hard to build an authentic life for themselves and has been amazingly successful at it.

Posted on February 27th: Interview with Corbett Barr


March Interviews


Tim King is a San Diego-based photographer that has used his blog, Facebook fan page, and Twitter (@timkingphoto) to help him build his successful photography career. Tim was also the one that made me read Gary Varynerchuk’s Crush It and stop being so smug at my desk job so I could get off my butt and work to achieve my real dreams. From being fantastic at his job to finding a path that allows him to travel all over the world (and make the rest of us jealous in the process) Tim exemplifies the potential of the modern entrepreneur.


Penelope Trunk Bio

Penelope Trunk is by far the most important person who has ever given me their phone number (no offense, Chase – you’re the love of my life, but you understand). Her third startup is, a website that helps what they call “young ambitious professionals” network and find jobs. On top of being one of the most fearlessly outspoken business women in the world, Inc. Magazine called her “the world’s most influential guidance counselor.” (Visit her blog here)

Austin Kleon_Bio

Austin Kleon is a writer, blogger, designer, and artist that lives in Austin, Texas. He recently released his second book, Steal Like an Artist. We talk about his newspaper blackout prints, how he’s used his blog to transform his career, and why he believes in social networking. Following Austin is always refreshing and inspirational, and I can’t wait to share his insight with you guys.

Margarita Tartakovsky Psych Central

Margarita is an associate editor of PsychCentral, as well as the author of “Weightless,” a PsychCentral blog on body image, eating disorders, weight, and our relationship with food. In addition to maintaining Weightless and being a prolific writer on PsychCentral, Margarita maintains her own personal blog (which has my favorite part - Fashion Fridays!). Margarita and I got to know each other a bit when I did a guest post for Weightless, and when we finally met via Skype to do the interview it was like having wine or coffee with an old friend, even though it was 11 am in the morning! We ended up talking for two hours about body image, what it means to be a writer, and how you can use blogging to change your life.


Upcoming Interviews 


Frank Trigg

Frank Trigg is an MMA Fighter (Mixed Martial Arts), pro wrestler, and media personality. He is a veteran of the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, Rumble on the Rock, Icon Sport, BAMMA, World Fighting Alliance, and has made appearances in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Today, he has expanded his audience with an iPhone app and remarkably successful Ask Trigg Dating Blog featured on



Aside from being my go-to place when I need to find a healthy and delicious dinner recipe, Gina’s healthy and low-fat/low-calorie recipes have been feature on, Gourmet Live, The Kitchn,, Fitness Magazine, More Magazine, Country Living, and was the winner of SHAPE Magazine Best Healthy Eating Blogs 2011. Enhanced by her beautiful photography that makes everything look delicious, Gina’s recipes will literally change the way you eat.


FLOliving Alisa

I first learned about Alisa when I watched her insanely powerful Ted Talk, “Loving Your Lady Parts as a Path to Success, Power, and Global Change.” After this I started following her on Twitter (@FLOliving) where she is constantly tweeting amazing things about dealing with… well.. lady parts. And lady times of the month. And owning yourself. She founded the FLO Living Center in Manhattan 9 years ago after receiving degrees from John Hopkins University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. To learn more about her work in the areas of women’s reproductive and hormonal health, as well as helping women connect to express their feminine energy, visit her website at



Amy Harman’s incredibly successful blog Becoming a Better Woman is grounded in her experience as a woman, a mother, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has also worked extensively with women suffering from eating disorders, and covers topics relating to body image and healthy eating beautifully. Her blog is poignant and relavent, covering topics from relationships, to marriage, to emotions, exercise, and everyday coping skills. In our interview, I pick her brain about everything from objectification in the media, to handling the move from a career into motherhood, to growing her blog and maintaining an audience.



Jenny Blake’s Life After College is as close as you’ll get to a manual for the real world. The author of Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, Jenny has been featured on Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, USA Weekend,, and U.S. News and World Report. Today, Jenny spends her time writing, blogging, speaking, teaching yoga classes, and coaching others on living their best life after college.


Vlad uses his blog as a platform to “help you live your life in a way that makes you feel deeply, passionately alive.” I discovered blog when a longtime reader (and now, friend) told me to check him out because he is, and I quote, one of the most fascinating people has ever met. Now, this reader is an intellectual and a tough cookie, so I took that review incredibly seriously. After spending some time on Vlad’s site I was excited to find that he’s like a younger, less-jaded Steve Pavlina – from trying the Uberman’s sleep schedule to helping people grow into their happiest selves, he’s a man on a mission and person after my own heart.


all women stalk

Diana, an editor at the online sensation All Women Stalk, is one of my favorite people that I have met in my blogging days. Although she’s an editor for a huge website ( she’s still amazingly down-to-earth, flexible, humble and encouraging. I can’t wait to talk to her about everything from the huge range of topics she manages to cover, to the nitty-gritty of having a real grown-up blogging job.


Strength of a snow lioness

When Rebecca contacted me and mentioned her newest adventure – quitting her job to put everything in a backpack and travel to Northern India to “research the role Tibetan women play in the maintenance of a Tibetan society in exile.” I was hooked. Since then we’ve “met” via Skype, and her incredible knowledge and passion for her subject is absolutely intoxicating. Full of more energy and enthusiasm than 99.9% of human beings on this planet, Rebecca’s quest to study the role of women in a man’s world has led to a brave and unique journey which she’ll officially embark on this February. Upon her return, we’ll be interviewing her to talk about everything she’s learned, what she’s seen, and how we can get involved.





She has a rare skill of communicating highly intellectual subject matters known to be abstruse so others can understand and gain knowledge. — Braun Salazar