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Interview with “Loading Artist” Web Comic

1 Comment 20 February 2012

This morning’s interview is with Gregor Czaykowski, author of the hit online comic Loading Artist.

I don’t normally follow comics, but Chase does. One day while I was freaking out about my blogging career Chase told me about the Loading Artist, where there was a hilarious little sequence of strips about deciding to start a comic and suddenly realizing all of the competition and feeling confused/like a failure/freaking out. See: “Dreams,” “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake” and my still all-time favorite “Webcomics.” It made me laugh and feel so much better. To this day, I still follow him as faithfully as I would follow any of my favorite blogs, and I’m so excited to see how quickly he’s growing. Yes, there’s a lot of competition, but even on the internet it’s true that the creme always rises.

A few favorites to help you fall in love? His most recent- a Valentine’s day comic, Big Day for Cupid. Or Supply Sans Demand. Or Deep. You know what, just go and start browsing. There you go, a perfect procrastination tool for your Monday! Always here to help.

Gregor Loading Artist Webcomics

1. Now, I’m a blogger/writer, and I know very little about comics, all I know is that I always find yours hilarious. How long have you been making these?  

Thank you! I started Loading Artist in January 2011, however I had made other comics before Loading Artist. When I was 10 or so, I made a couple (folded paper) comic books and drew comics based on “hilarious” real life moments that I had. Years after that I did a few one-off comics that got quite popular on the Internet (‘Featherlike‘ being my most popular). This answer is probably a lot longer than necessary, so.. yup I started Loading Artist in January 2011.

2. Do you have any particular places that you draw inspiration from? Other comics? Family? Friends?

Other comics are definitely a good source of inspiration, but sometimes it can worsen a mental block when you can’t think of anything BUT those already-existing comic ideas. Talking with friends is also good, and it’s not unusual for me to suddenly whip out my notepad/phone and write down potentially funny ideas.

3. How long does it take you to make a comic, from its conception all the way through getting it finished and onto your site?

The longest part is definitely thinking of the idea (brainstorming for ideas is an area I need to improve on), but once I have the idea making the comic can take anywhere between 3 to 12 hours (depending on how long/complex the comic is). On average it takes about 4 hours (after thinking up the idea).

4. You write on your site about being open to a millionaire investing in your work so that you can make comics full time. Right now what’s your day job?

My day job (which I’m currently at right now) is being a User Interface Artist for Gameloft. For those wondering what that means, it means I’m the guy who designs and makes the buttons and menus for the games.

5. There seems to be a huge demand (on your site and Facebook page) for a book and Loading Artist merchandise – what’s holding you back from going for it and building a full-fledged business off of your site? 

I am working on getting merchandise out there (t-shirts and hats first), however it is hard to find time to work on that stuff when I’m not at my day job, or working towards the next comic.

6. The goal of this interview series is to encourage people that no matter what their interests, the internet is a fantastic place to showcase those skills, network, build an audience, and learn about themselves. Do you agree with that? Do you have any advice to someone that is just setting up their own blog/website/webcomic/YouTube channel/Tumblr/etc.?

I definitely agree with that; the Internet is so huge that there will always be an audience that enjoys what you do, and these days with social networking it’s a lot easier to reach those audiences. As for advice.. do what you enjoy doing, it makes doing it so much easier.

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