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Interview with Online Business Expert David Krug

0 Comments 30 April 2012

David Paul Krug is both a friend, a peer, and an inspiration. He has helped me immensely in my own online journey, and I’m so honored that he’s offered to share his story with you guys. If you’re interested in building an online business, I encourage you to begin following his latest creation – Freedom Business. If you’re looking for SEO help, his Search Garden agency might be able to help. And, if you’re just looking to follow another amazing blogger, you can find him at

1. How did you get into the business of making money online? Can you tell me a little bit about that journey and where you’re focusing your energy now?

Making Money Online was not something I set out to do. I set out to live a life differently. I just happened to know the tools that people were wanting to use. I could build a website. I could help people. I also had a knack for networking, and meeting the right people. But maybe my greatest gift was my ability to see something in people that others couldn’t see. The energies that people put out into the universe are all unique. Those vibrations allowed me to connect with some of the brightest minds in the technology and marketing world. I met them because I was in the right place at the right time. And even though I was remarkably out of my league these relationships have sustained me and allowed me to learn a great deal. Now, I’m focusing on taking all that I’ve learned and helping others start businesses. And be successful. That, ultimately, is what I’d like to be my legacy: to help people succeed online from all different backgrounds. And when I mean succeed, I mean I’d like them to be millionaires living life on their terms. Right now I’ve partnered with three amazing women, three of the brightest minds
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in the world, who I’m determined to help create their own legacy of awesomeness.


2. In addition to your business, you write a lot of really captivating personal articles. How has your blog and writing helped you grow personally? 


I’ve always blogged. It’s how I got my start in this business. But it wasn’t until 2009 that I really started understanding the power of blogging as a personal transformation tool. A tool to heal, and to manifest that which our heart desires. My writing has helped me heal so many wounds in my life. My writing has allowed me to connect with amazing people and inspire them to live lives that inspire others. But ultimately it’s about the connection. We live in such an amazing day and age where people are FREE to connect with each other. To resonate, and embark on unique journeys that can shape the future of mankind, and our lives on this planet. Hopefully for the better. It’s that connection I cherish that has brought me the most joy and happiness in an otherwise very difficult life.


3. I know you’ve really resonated with the idea of “Blogging Fearlessly,” what does this mean to you? How do you overcome your own fears when it comes to blogging and opening up online?


Someone told me a long time ago I shouldn’t share my story. I shouldn’t share my struggles. That it made me look vulnerable. And I followed that line of thinking for a number of years. I constantly lived in fear of sharing something that was offensive, or that people couldn’t handle. Finally one day I realized that I shouldn’t live that way, that I needed to open up and live a transparent life. Yes sometimes it’s full of pain, and struggle. But this life is all the more worth it when we struggle and fight for what we dream of.  That’ why I resonate with the concept of
blogging fearlessly.


4. I’m jealous of the fact that you get to travel a bunch. How does your work allow you to do this? Where will you be in the upcoming months and year?


My work doesn’t “allow” me to travel. I choose to travel and I make work happen. For so many people they choose a life of the 9-5. That’s great. It’s one way to approach life. For me I choose a harder road, but some might say it’s a more enjoyable road by working for myself and a handful of select clients. In the upcoming months I will be in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I will be in Portland, Oregon. I will be in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and then, if all goes as planned, I’ll be in Thailand.


5. What advice do you have to someone that’s just starting a blog or thinking about starting a blog? What advice do you have to someone who has a blog, but is looking to grow it and take it to the next level?


If you are just starting off do yourself a favor and start collecting emails. Start an email list with Mailchimp. Be niche focused or multi-niche focused. And be consistent. Network with as many bloggers as you can within your niches and help them. Do as much as you can to help others as you can. This is the key to lasting success in any space online.


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Jen, MsMorphosis herself, writes with a wisdom that belies her age (astoundingly only 25) and speaks from a place that seems like you’re listening to your big sister, or a dear friend that you’ve never met. For me, the connection was instant, and the material has always been almost so personally intertwined and touching that I feel like the singer-story-teller in the song, ‘Killing Me Softly.’ — Sheanna Caban