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Blogging, vlogging, networking, promoting and selling online is the same as in any other business.

You need to provide something of value, present it in way that attracts interest, draw visitors, and then leverage that attention in a market-appropriate way to make a sale, gain a customer, and/or expand your brand.

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Everyone wants to believe that what they have to offer is so unique and brilliant that if they build it (their amazing website) and pitch it (to their friends, family, and soon-to-be fans) that people will know them, love them, and trust them – and a business will be born.

Unfortunately, the internet might be a new frontier, but the old principles are the same, and just like any other business, you aren’t going anywhere without two things:

1. A solid education

2. Connections

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It’s about who you know.

It’s about what you know.

And it’s about leveraging those connections to build a popular website.

Because when you have followers, you, my friend, have a marketplace.

It isn’t until the marketplace traffic and credibility are in check that you have a chance in hell of turning your vision into a business.

That’s where guest blogging comes in.

When I originally signed up for Jon Morrow’s guest blogging course, I had $2,000 to my name, no job, and everything resting on my success in blogging.

Today, my blog MsMorphosis has over 15,000 visitors a month (and growing)

I am able to charge $100 an hour for blog consulting (a price which will go up soon).

And now I’m one of Jon’s only 2 course assistants and one of his affiliates.

girl excited at laptop (success)This course singlehandedly changed my life, career, and future.

Consulting with Jon is $500 an hour… but you won’t be able to do it, because he’s booked.

Consulting with me is $100 an hour – which is helpful if you just need some strategy sessions, or some help getting started. If you’re looking into a monetization strategy or want some copywriting coaching, I’m your girl (click here for consulting fees and packages).

But maybe you want more than that.

If you’re looking to take this to a whole new level like I did, then you should take the course. I call it “blog college.” Jon calls it his “GuestBlogging Apprenticeship Program.” Whatever you want to call it, it’s worth every penny (and when I took it, I must confess there weren’t many pennies to my name). It was a huge sacrifice, but it saved my life and career. I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

So, you can get some consulting. You can learn on your own. You can get some coaching with me. But the best deal, as much as I would love for you to be one of my coaching clients, is Jon’s GuestBlogging Apprenticeship Class. With his course you get both of us free. For less than an hour and a half consulting time with Jon, you can have access to both of us indefinitely.

But don’t take my word for it.

Guest Blogging Class

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