I truly believe that blogging – or rather, fostering a solid and coherent online presence – is one of the single greatest tools people today can use to grow personally, professionally, or both.

So that is how this website came about. Because I started a series, and the series got bigger than it’s own good, so now I’m hosting it here (at BloggingFearlessly.com) instead of MsMorphosis, my blog. This series isn’t just about getting more traffic to your website, or making money from your blog, but it definitely talks about those things. More than anything, it’s about personal development. It’s about tools that you can use to grow into your happiest, most authentic self. It’s about creating a life for yourself that’s interesting, exciting, and fulfilling. In my life, blogging has been insanely liberating, and it has helped me cultivate important parts of myself in my relationships, my personal development, and my professional identity.

Navigating DatingIn the introduction to my last book, Navigating Dating I talked about how blogging forced me to be open for the first time about my beliefs on subjects that meant a lot to me, and how sometimes it was uncomfortable putting it all out there. But, “in that openness I reached a very deep understanding and acceptance of myself. For the first time, I had no secrets. For the first time, I didn’t have any facade to maintain…. [Later], when someone connected to my writing and stories and ideas, they were connecting with the deepest, most authentic version of myself. Do you know what that feels like? To start connecting with the world as the person you really are? And then, on top of everything, to know some people actually like that person? I’ll tell you what it definitely does – it makes it really easy to stick up for yourself, because you aren’t reading a script. It makes it really easy to get up in the morning, because you’re going to do things that flow out of you naturally…. In short, it makes it all worthwhile.”

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She has a rare skill of communicating highly intellectual subject matters known to be abstruse so others can understand and gain knowledge. — Braun Salazar